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About Us

Hugo Moreno Founder of Venice Kush Brand




Established in 2010, Venice Kush was born from the passion of its founder, Hugo Moreno, for cannabis. Starting as a personal endeavor, it has since evolved into a licensed cannabis business in California. In 2017, we faced a setback due to trademark issues caused by a fraudulent party. [Learn more about the incident here.].


In a significant milestone for us, in 2021, Venice Kush secured its trademark registration with the United States Trademark & Patent office, under registration number 6430744. Today, Venice Kush operates as a legal cannabis entity under Venice Kush Collective  D.B.A. Known as a cornerstone of the iconic Venice Beach, we take pride in our commitment to quality over quantity, producing all our products from small batch indoor flower.


With over two decades of experience in both the cannabis and music industries, the Venice Kush team has honed techniques that only come from years of trial and error. This expertise has granted us access to a cannabis micro license, ensuring our brand's legality within the cannabis industry.


Founder Hugo Moreno maintains ongoing communication with local community outreach programs, dedicated to addressing the persistent issues surrounding the war on drugs in Venice. We are steadfast in our mission to involve the community in social equity programs, ensuring those eligible can benefit from the city of Los Angeles' initiatives.


This November, Hugo Moreno will stand before the city of Los Angeles, advocating for a cannabis storefront in Venice. His application is based on his status as a social equity applicant and as a victim of both the Venice 13 Gang injunction and the broader war on drugs.


Starting December 2024, Venice Kush will actively participate alongside the Venice Boys in the beach clean-up efforts at the renowned Venice Beach. If you're interested in contributing your time, please don't hesitate to [get in touch here].


For collaborations or networking opportunities, please feel free to reach out to us at []


Visit our online presence at today.

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